Mixed "E"

The participants at this level are encouraged to strengthen and develop friendships.  Most importantly, we all there to have fun!  The E division players will be involved in demanding physical activity this year to improve their fitness level.  

They will be placed in a game environment where the rules and scoring are adjusted to promote fair and equal court and ball handling time, according to modified ŠALFASS rules, and will do so in front of their parents and friends.

2015-2016 Season

Anastazija Utz - Most Sportsmanlike Award Winner

2014-2015 Season

Coach Vicky Stoncius

Aušra E and EBA Selects - Tuesday Feb 3, 2015, with a focus on drills and fundamentals. 


Molecules / E Awards

Coach Vicky Stončius, Most Improved - Motiejus Ryan and Klaidas Naujalis, Most Dedicated - Daniel Verbyla, Most Sportsmanlike - Aleksia Vadauskas

2009-2010 Season

Coach - Aras Nausėdas and Joseph Norkus

2007-2008 Season

Years of Birth - 1998 and 1999

Coach - Rima Dresher

2006-2007 Season

Years of Birth - 1997 and 98

Coach - Rima Dresher and Romas Marcinkevicius

 2005-2006 Season

Years of Birth - 1996 and 97

 2004-2005 Season

Years of Birth - 1995 and 96

Coaches - Alvin Kišonas, Ray Valadka, Kris Garbaliauskas

Tuesday Night E's Pre-Practice Discussion

 2003-2004 Season Notes

Years of Birth - 1994 and 95

Coaches - Alvin Kišonas and Kristina Garbaliauskas

ŠALFASS 2004 - E Division Silver Medal Winners - Aušra

Front Row - Alicia Dauginis, Erika Kišonas, Tomas Pylypiv, Daniela Sablinskas, Emma Bubulis, Adomas Grybas

Back Row - Coach Alvin Kišonas, Claudia Wiese, Justin Turūta, Daniel Dalinda, Brendan Butrimas, Vytas Šimkus, Lukas Sherwood, Justina Melkis, Asst. Coach Kristina Rimkus

ŠALFASS 2004 Photos

Opening Ceremony   Tomas and Justina   Bench in Game 1    Game 1    After Game 1    
  Fun Times           Silver Medal  

Season Summary

2003-2004 was a shortened season due to a late ŠALFASS the previous year but with two practices per week, our E division squad still showed remarkable enthusiasm and improvement since November.  Our returning E players gained confidence and our new players increased their abilities in many areas.

(team yearbook photo)

After successful exhibition games versus Anapilis, our Mixed E ŠALFASS team continued their confident ways going undefeated in the tournament resulting in a closely fought Silver Medal in the final game versus Lituanica I from Chicago.

Coach Kris and I are very proud of the achievements made by this group and wish them all the best next year.

- Alvin

2002-2003 Season Notes

Coaches - Vic Šimkus, Kristina Pylipiv and Juozas Zenkevičius

The 2002-2003 E's led all the way to win Gold. This team was undefeated in the 2003 ŠALFASS tournament.

ŠALFASS 2003 - E Division Champions - Aušra



The Mixed "E" practices will be conducted in an environment that initially is low in competitiveness and high in fun.

Each participant should receive at minimum a 1˝ hr basketball experience per week. One hour of which will be devoted to skill development and conditioning and one hour devoted to recreational play and life skills.  Gym time, previous commitments and coaches schedules will affect specific weeks, however by the end of the season it will all average out.

Aušra first and foremost is a developmental program. All participants will be given the opportunity to maximize their potential. We believe they should receive equal instruction and playing time. We will not impose the adult game on the young participants. Instead, we will modify the game to make the level of play appropriate for all participants.

 Program Goals

Some of the goals of Aušra Sports Club are to:

 General Info

General Rules when at Resurrection Parish - Enter the gym from the parking lot doors on the east side of the building. Please stay off the stage. Wear your basketball shoes on the court only. No Street shoes on the court.  Drink plenty of water before practice and be sure to bring an adequate amount to practice.

Exhibition Games - The teams’ involvement in exhibition games will be totally dependant on whether the parents are willing to drive (car pool) and cheer encouragingly at the games. Exhibition Games are a privilege and shall be treated as such.