Girls "B"

2009-2010 Season

ŠALFASS Junior Basketball Tournament

Congratulations to the 2010 AUŠRA Girls B Team for a successful season this year!

The Team competed in Chicago May 22nd-23rd and won a Silver medal for their strong and determined play, almost upsetting Lituanica 55-61 in the final.

Alvin Kišonas, Olivia Kamaitis, Daniella Sablinskas, Justina Melkis, Erika Kišonas, Alicia Dauginis, Alexis Kartavičius, Simone Pabreza, Christina Petronis

2007-2008 Season

Years of Birth - 1992 and 93

Coach - Ed Punkris

Practices: Wednesday 8-10,  Res Parish

2006-2007 Season

Years of Birth - 1991 and 92

Coach - Ed Punkris

 2005-2006 Season

Years of Birth - 1990 and 91

 2004-2005 Season Notes

Years of Birth - 1989 and 90

Coaches - Ed Punkris and Ilona Turczyn

 2003-2004 Season Notes

Coaches - Lina Jaglowitz and Ilona Turczyn

 2002-2003 Season Notes

Coaches - Ramunas Saplys and Melinda Stončius 

The Girls B team settled for Silver after an exciting overtime loss in the championship game at ŠALFASS 2003 in Chicago.

 2003 Photos