Girls "C"

2009-2010 Season

Coach - Arūnas Čygas

2008-2009 Season

Years of Birth - 1994 and 95

Coach - Alvin Kišonas, Kristina Garbaliauskas

Congratulations on a GOLD medal at ŠALFASS this year! 

Back row: Coach Alvin, Simone Pabreza, Alicia Dauginis, Christina Petronis, Daniela Šablinskas, Olivia Kamaitis, Coach Kris

Front row: Viktoria Tatarsky, Justina Melkis, Erika Kišonas

2007-2008 Season

Coach - Alvin Kišonas, Kristina Garbaliauskas

Junior Girls C Silver (Aušra) and Gold (Chicago) Medalists

2008 Detroit Junior ŠALFASS Tournament


Ausra's 12 year old Bantam girl's team joined with the Etobicoke Storm to field a strong OBA team this season. Our girls went undefeated in their pool and quarterfinal thereby qualifying to play in the Final Four of the Ontario Provincial Championships in Niagara Falls on Apr. 13, 2008.

In the photo, Aušra in bold, are from the left. Coach Alvin Kišonas, Coach Kristina Garbaliauskas, Olivia Kamaitis, Emma Lynett, Daniela Sablinskas, Alicia Dauginis, Leah Evershed, Justina Melkis, Julia Miller, Madison Howell, Coach Ernie Spitznagel.  In front, Robyn Burns, Valerie Spitznagel, Simone Pabreza, Erika Kišonas and Victoria Munoz.  Congratulations on a terrific season!  photo - K. Garbaliauskas/L. Dauginis

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 2006-2007 Season

Years of Birth - 1993 and 94

Coach - Sue and Stan Stončius

 2005-2006 Season

Years of Birth - 1993 and 93

Coach - Stan Stončius

2004-2005 Season

Years of Birth - 1992 and 93

 2004-2005 Season Notes

Years of Birth - 1991 and 92

Coaches - Ed Punkris and Ilona Turczyn

 2003-2004 Season Notes

Coaches - Ed Punkris and Aleksandra Valadka

Aušra Girls C - 2004 ŠALFASS Gold Medalists


 2002-2003 Season Notes

Coaches - Ilona Turczyn, Ona Stanevičius and Aleksandra Valadka

The Girls C team won the Bronze Medal at ŠALFASS 2003 in Chicago.