Girls "D"

Years of Birth - 1996 and 97

2008-2009 Season

Coaches - Arūnas Čygas, Romas Marcinkevičius and Rima Dresher

Girls D - GOLD

Back: Coach Arūnas, Coach Rima, Sophia Herrera, Livija Čygas, Nida Nausėdas, Coach Romas   Front: Julia Marcinkevičius, Alexa Turūta, Emma Harvey  On floor: Daniele Dresher

 2007-2008 Season

Coaches - Arūnas Čygas and Romas Marcinkevičius

Aušra Girls D Win GOLD at Junior SALFASS 2008!

Congratulations to our girls for a great season and to our coaches Romas Marcinkevičius and Arūnas Čygas!

Back row: Livia Čygas, Elena Zubrickas, Viktoria Tatarsky

Front row: Julia Marcinkevičius, Danielle Dresher, Emma Harvey, Alexa Turūta 

Missing: Nida Nausėdas

Post game photo with Chicago Lituanica


 2006-2007 Season

Years of Birth - 1995 and 96

Coaches - Alvin Kišonas and Kris Garbaliauskas


Congratulations to our Girls D team for working hard all year, going undefeated and taking the top prize in Cleveland! 

The scores were, Aušra 42 - Anapilis 20, Aušra 26 - Lituanica 18 and Aušra 22 - Žaibas 17 in the final.

Back row:  Kristina Garbaliauskas (Asst. Coach), Alicia Dauginis, Leah Evershed, Olivia Kamaitis, Elena Zubrickas, Alvin Kišonas (Coach)

Front row:  Daniela Sablinskas, Simone Pabreza, Justina Melkis, Erika Kišonas, (missing Victoria Tatarsky)



2005-2006 Season

Years of Birth - 1994 and 95

Coaches - Alvin Kišonas and Kris Garbaliauskas

Aušra 2006 Girls D

Back Row: Coach Kristina Garbaliauskas, Emma Bubulis, Leah Evershed, Alicia Dauginis, Olivia Kamaitis, Coach Alvin Kisonas

Front Row: Justina Melkis, Claudia Weise, Daniella Sablinskas, Erika Kisonas

Current Season Notes

Our Aušra Girls D played hard en route to a 35 - 28 victory over a skilled Atom division Toronto Triple Threat Rep team on May 1st.   Congrats to all girls on both sides for their efforts on defense and to Aušra for mounting a comeback in the final period to pull out the win.    7 of 8 girls put points on the board, notably Justina Melkis (13), Claudia Weise (8), Erika Kisonas (4), Emma Bubulis (4), Olivia Kamaitis, Daniella Sablinskas and Alicia Dauginis (2).    Many thanks to TTT coaches Kate McPherson and Kate N.   

The girls played again May 15th and lost an early 8-4 lead they had at the half, in a hard fought defensive 18-14 rematch.   Justina Melkis scored (6), while Olivia Kamaitis, Daniella Sablinskas, Claudia Weise and Emma Bubulis scored (2).   Thanks again to TTT for coming out and giving us another great game.


CONGRATULATIONS to two of our Aušra Girls D guards, Justina Melkis (#10) and Erika Kišonas (#13)!!  Their still undefeated Humbercrest Hawks school team won the City of Toronto TDESSA Western Conference Championship for Grade 6 - Division 1 (large school) by convincingly knocking out a much larger John G. Althouse team 28 - 12 on December 14th at Runnymede C.I..    Humbercrest coach Alvin Kišonas is also the coach of our Ausra Girls D team.

They played valiantly for the City Championship at Ryerson University on December 21st but lost a very close one to a good South Conference champ Balmy Beach P.S. team.    Good luck next year girls!!!


 2004-2005 Season Notes

no D Girls division team this year

 2003-2004 Season Notes

Coaches - Melinda Stončius and Samantha Stončius

 2002-2003 Season Notes

Coaches - Ilona Turczyn, Ona Stanevičius and Aleksandra Valadka

The Girls D team earned a Silver Medal after a loss in a very close championship game at the 2003 ŠALFASS tournament.   A Chicago Lituanica player launched a half-court buzzer-beater that hit nothing but net to break the tie with one second remaining in regulation time!